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NCN1 has an extended rough section east of Gravesend (the canal bit) which I wouldn't recommend.

Second the disrecommendation, especially if it's wet.
Happily, there is an alternative via Chalk and Higham.
ETA - There is shedloads of NCN1 in North Kent that I would avoid like the proverbial.
Eg: Oare and bits around Northfleet.

Re: Dungeness to Durness - April 2018
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Avoid the post office in Muir of Order unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Dunno if he is still there but we asked for directions from the post master and got a full on drawn map, a magic trick and a joke.

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There are good rideable tracks between the Braemar area and Tomintoul that go via Loch Builg and Glen Avon, apart from about a mile past the Loch itself, which would be rideable on a mountain bike but would probably involve walking on a loaded tourer.
You can start at either Invercauld bridge, or a mile or so up the B976 from Balmoral.

What sort of surface is this track likely to have? I'll probably be on 32mm Marathons, so they can handle dirt tracks but not anything too rocky.

hi mcshroom
                     this might be of use regards the track ..I thought of it on my failed joggle 2015 info off ctc forum hope it is helpful... BTW sounds like a great trip ..


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Re: Dungeness to Durness - April 2018
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Right, sorry this has gone quiet for so long, but taking on everyone's feedback, I've updated the route. This is what I'm now doing: -

DateDayFromToDistance kmCulm kmRoute
Sun 22-Apr1DungenessGravesend9797Route
Mon 23-Apr2GravesendCambridge120217Route
Tue 24-Apr3CambridgeGrantham139356Route
Wed 25-Apr4GranthamRotherham93449Route
Thu 26-Apr5RotherhamDarlington160609Route
Fri 27-Apr6DarlingtonCarlisle115724Route
Sat 28-Apr7CarlisleInnerleithen117841Route
Sun 29-Apr8InnerleithenKinross95936Route
Mon 30-Apr9KinrossBraemar1181054Route
Tue 01-May10BraemarInverness1301185Route
Wed 02-May11InvernessLairg941278Route
Thu 03-May12LairgDurness901369Route

I do also have the off road option for Braemar to Tomintoul if the weather stays nice :)

I'm now sorting all my kit out, and need to contact the Durness Bus to make the reservations. Setting off on Saturday! :o
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Re: Dungeness to Durness - April 2018
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Hi - I'd like to say thanks to all those who made helpful contributions to this thread, and to add that I'm planning to copy - totally shamelessly - the route planned by McShroom. With the minor change that since I'll be in the area I'll have a go at getting to Cape Wrath, because reasons.

This obvs will be next summer or the year after, and the plan is to do it as a series of DIY by GPS 200k audax rides. Unsure whether to take tent or rely on B&Bs all the way.

But anyway - thanks to all. Esp McShroom who sent me his links. 
Besides, it wouldn't be audacious if success were guaranteed.