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Ultra Races
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:30:24 pm »

This weeks unofficial indipac attempts have got me thinking about dot watching and the ultra races this year.

The last year or 2 I've followed (when they've run):

- Indian Pacific Wheel Race,
- Trans America
- Transcontinental

And off road:

- Tour divide.

This year I'm looking forward to:

- Trans Germany Bike Packing Race - July 01 2018
- Silk road mountain race - 18th August 2018
- Race to the Rock - 1st September 2018 (If it runs)

What other ultra races do people enjoy following? What are good places to get ones dot watching fix?


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Re: Ultra Races
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Re: Ultra Races
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I pay attention to TAW, TCR, TABR, IndiPac and Tour Divide and a bit of RAAM