Author Topic: Garmin Edge 1000 Navigation Trips Over Itself and Re-Routes Back to Start  (Read 888 times)

My Edge 1000 gets “glitchy” whenever a course overlaps or intersects itself.  Assuming a course starts and ends at the same point, with overlap of a mile or two at the start, or the course crosses over itself later in the route, the turn-by-turn navigation attempts to re-route me to the start, or the unit tries to run the course in reverse order.  If I allow for route recalculation, the device tries to send me home.  If I do not recalculate, the device hangs with the same three turns showing, noting that I'm off course.

Most recently, a friend and I used the same course, taken from the same source.  He and I both use an Edge 1000.  His navigation worked perfectly; mine kept trying to get me to take a U-turn and/or otherwise reverse my direction.  We believe all our settings are the same.

With respect to settings on my device:
Auto-calculate is toggled off.
When loading the course, I am careful not to select "Do you want to navigate to the start of the course."

I searched this blog and others.  While I have found some postings that describe a similar issue, none have specifically described the phenomenon I've written about here.



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The bulletproof way to avoid this is not to create cyclic routes (?courses in Edge-speak).  Split it into an out and back, and you shouldn't have such issues.

The different behaviour between the two devices is probably due to differences in the mapping.  Or possibly the device firmware.
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Yep wot Kim sez avoid routes that double back on themselves. Where they do, split them.

Best move I made with a 1000 was to turn all the nav off and use TCX files so you also get the route cue sheet as well. I've adopted the same with the 1030.



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Timely post. I had a similar issue with my Edge 1030 which got even more confused when I went off route for lunch on the return. It wanted me to resume the ride in the outward direction rather than the inward direction.

At least I know have a fix. Thanks.

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Yep wot Kim sez avoid routes that double back on themselves.

Yep route - the clue is in the name.
Look at the dictionary definitions, for example "A road, course, or way for travel from one place to another".

Going around in circles - as cyclists are wont to do - is not entirely reasonable behavior.
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When I wrote my GPS app this was literally a problem I encountered and solved in the first 24 hours.

How long have Garmin been makings GPS gadgets?