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Where to start?
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:41:37 pm »
So my brother has bought a tandem. It was to be a present for me and the wife but for a few reasons mostly he wants use of it, it will be a joint project. Needs some work but thankfully I have recently got rid of my 26" mountain bike so have spares that can be used off that.

Few questions though is their a good source for parts. At the moment just looking at things like cables. Outers aren't a problem as lbs keeps on a reel but the usual inners won't reach.

Secondly what chain would go between the cranks. It is a single speed one? The one to the rear wheel is an 8 speed

Lastly any tips for tandem life.

Re: Where to start?
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Tandem specific cables are available. If you get stuck, talk to JD Tandems in Gargrave.

Join the tandem club.

Get a good suspension seatpost on the rear.

Call any potholes or bumps promptly.

Stoker tell the pilot if you need to stop pedalling to wiggle your bottom a bit.

Communicate everything.

Don't forget that you need to get two sets of pedals through any rut before resuming pedalling.

Stokers get to use pilot's jersey pockets for sunglasses, tissues, phone, purse etc.

Stokers get to navigate and take photos and chat to everyone.

Practice somewhere quiet and with a big enough straight bit to get your balance.

It's lots of fun!
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Re: Where to start?
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Tandem specific cables are available. If you get stuck, talk to JD Tandems in Gargrave.

Last time I needed a tandem-length inner (for a recumbent with tiller steering), I got it from SJS.  They're generally good at that sort of thing.

Most tandems I've seen use a single-speed chain for the timing chain (ie. the one between the cranks), though there's some logic to using the same type of chain as on the back, for compatibility of quick-links and slightly more emergency bodging options.  If both chains are on the same side of the bike (via a triple or quadruple chainring at the stoker's cranks) it might need to be a narrower chain.

In my limited experience the two main tandem skills are not falling over when you set off, and bickering about preferred gear/cadence.  Get the hang of those, and everything else should be fine...  :)
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Re: Where to start?
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Pilot mounts with legs well apart so ankles aren't hit by stoker positioning the pedals after mounting.


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Re: Where to start?
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A stoker soon learns how to silently influence cadence 😀
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Re: Where to start?
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On cables I asked my lbs recently if he could order some, the usual online suspects seemingly out of stock.

To my considerable surprise, turns out they stock them, apparently TT bikes and the like often need extra long cables.

On where to start:  communication, communication, communication!  Specifically, pilot's voice needs to be stoker's eyes, so they know what's coming.

Re: Where to start?
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Does have chainring between riders in left side and then normal one on right. First job once chains have been replaced as they are rigid, more like a piston then a chain is to see if the rear shifter works as doesn't click. If that does happy days. If not then probably convert to 9 speed as have several sets of 9 speed shifters lurking in the shed.