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Campsite reviews
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I don't think we have a thread.

High Paradise Farm, North Yorks Moors

Lovely spot - only accessible by bike or on foot. Just off the drovers' road, or off the side of Boltby Bank. So up a great big hill however you work it. But it's downhill for everywhere.

£5 a night for cyclists and walkers.

Facilities - there may be showers, but I never found 'em. There's a tap in the camping field, and overnight the toilets in the cafe are left open. It's a bit of a walk, but you can also help yourself to beer and snacks from the cafe, and settle up in the morning.

Very relaxed, and there's a cafe on site - cheaper than Sutton Bank Top (which isn't saying much). Entertaining farm with a menagerie of cows, goats, alpacas and a great fat porker snuffling away in a solitary field. There were also signs of fire, so I guess open fires are permitted.

I liked it. 4 Trangias out of 5.

(stayed May 2018)

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The Wee Campsite, Lochcarron, Highlands

£7.50 per night for cyclists.

Incredibly relaxed owner (Ian). He was re-doing the roof of the toilet block when I rocked up, and after I'd pitched up and faffed a bit, I eventually asked him about camping. He said I could pay now, or in the morning, or later. It was fine.

Slightly tricky to find, but it's up Crofters' Road, which is the turning by the garage. The village has the shop at the garage, and the Spar at the other end, so it's a handy spot. Conveniently located behind the pub in the village (follow Crofters' Road down the bank), or the very nice cafe (walk down the track opposite the campsite entrance).

Facilities - small toilet block, but good showers. Great views over the loch. There are 4 (I think) spare sockets in the toilet block, and I charged my battery overnight there. I'm sure Ian would take charge a phone or battery in the house if you asked.

Good convivial atmosphere when I was there - lots of picnic benches and decent weather helped, obvs.

Lovely spot. 8 Thermarests out of 10.

(stayed May 2018)

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I've added them the the campsite review section on the CTC site

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A tale of two New Forest campsites near Brockenhurst (I've only visited both on family holidays with a large tent not as a cycle tourist).

Aldridge Hill Campsite
Pros: great natural site bordering open heath and forest, accessible by road and via forest trails.  Flat (enough to pitch most tents without giant dips).  Small stream runs through the site; just about suitable for washing a dirty cyclist after it gets dark.  Quiet site - plenty of wildlife - can listen to the Nightjars!  Informal pitch arrangements (find a space a suitable distance from other campers).
Cons: NO TOILETS OR SHOWERS etc so only suitable for those with own chemical loo or bears who go in the woods etc.

Long Meadow Campsite
Only about a mile (along forest gravel track mostly) from Aldridge Hill. 
Pros: Has full facilities - washing up stations, great shower block/loos.  Flat and well kept grass.  Grassed area kept clear for ball games etc.  Direct access to gravel trails through the New Forest.  Some pitches have electric hook-up availability.  In theory you could sneak in for a shower here if you were staying at Aldridge Hill.
Cons: Rather clinical formal pitch arrangement.  Lacks the natural beauty of Aldridge Hill.  Nonetheless it's a great family site.  Close to New Park Farm hotel which can occasionally get a bit noisy if they're hosting a wedding reception/evening bash in the garden.

Both sites are close to Brockenhurst (2 miles, and there's a train station there).  Neither has a shop on site.  I've stayed at both several times an found staff are always friendly.  Both are family friendly sites with miles of local flattish gravel forest trails suitable for young riders (NanoQ is 5 years and loves it) and close to shallow water for paddling i.e. loads of free activities to keep the kids entertained.