Author Topic: Is This The End Of Retail?  (Read 22165 times)


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Re: Is This The End Of Retail?
« Reply #350 on: February 04, 2020, 04:33:05 pm »
Yes the Ikea is in the centre of the ring road BUT has a very large multi-storey car park of its own with nifty indicator lights over all the spaces so you can see at a glance whether red for occupied or green for empty.

IIRC part of the reason that it's in the centre of the city is that Two Jags Prescott when he was minister of something or other dismissed the planning application for an edge/out of town location at Coventry/east side of Birmingham - with a view to forcing retail back into city centres.

Bit of a PITA for us as it's the nearest and easy to get to ..... must stock up on the pickled herrings before they close  :thumbsup: