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Mustiness within tent
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:36:49 am »
So, I’m setting off in a few days for an extended ride en France. For better or worse, I’ve decided to take my old Saunders Space Packer Plus. It’s still in great nick, and I’ve re-proofed it with Fabsil, just in case. The thing is, there’s a patch of mould that has got into the bottom of the inner, the result of which is a pervading musty smell. After consulting Google, I decided that the thing to do was to give it a scrubbing with white vinegar. No problem (or at least, not yet). Apart from the fact that the musty smell remains.

My question is as follows: (1a) can I run the inner through the washing machine? (1b) Would that get rid of the musty smell? Further: (2) although I’ll be using a groundsheet underneath, should I give the bottom of the inner tent a dose of Fabsil as well?



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Re: Mustiness within tent
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If the Space Packer is similar to the JetPacker I had, the inner will have a proofed base and I wouldn't want to put that in a machine, though others may have different ideas.

I'd be inclined to hang this inner on an outdoor washing line and let it flutter in the sun and breeze a while, then see if it's still musty.

Re: Mustiness within tent
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Nice to see someone else with the same tent!

I’m not sure I’d want to machine wash the inner because of the groundsheet bit. Maybe a hand sponging. And as helly says, can you give it a good airing?

Re: Mustiness within tent
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Thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a good airing and hope for the best.