Author Topic: Have you set you club up as a CIC?  (Read 180 times)

Have you set you club up as a CIC?
« on: June 04, 2019, 02:49:36 pm »
Hello, it looks like my cycle club needs  to change  from being an unincorporated body to an incorporated body. In this case, become  a community interest company. The change in  status is being  driven by our having to sort out the ownership of some land the club holds.

Having done some research, it doesn't look like many cycling  clubs  have needed to  do this . Indeed,  we would like to avoid  doing so, if it weren't for our "ownership " of a Hut.

So, has  any one on here done this for their cycle club or another body.

What was it like?

 Did you use Lawyers , accountants or both to set up your CIC.

I should add  the BC is of no help what so ever but that Sport England , the FA and other  sport governing bodies where clubs are more likely  to own property or whose events  are more commercial have been sources of useful advice.