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Duncansby Head.
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2 miles from John O' Groats you can see this sort of thing a couple of hundred metres from the car park.

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If you like that then get over to the Orkney Islands. We were there 12 months ago and kept bumping into a bunch of birders on an island hopping tour. We visited Noup Head on Westray where there is a big gannet colony.It's also the location of a fine lighthouse built by one of the Stevenson family who were the Scottish engineers of their time. RL Stevenson reputedly got the plot of "Kidnapped" whilst his father building lighthouses in remote locations. We were on bikes whereas they were being ferried about in a minibus. Their guide was quite happy for us to eavesdrop and learn about the flora and fauna.

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We did the End to End in 1998, and had a day to spare, so we took the J o'G ferry for a coach trip around Orkney. An excellent end to an End to End.

There's too much to see on a bike in a day, it would repay 3 or 4 days. I was in Shetland in 1982, on a conservation working holiday. Shetland has better coast, but the Orkney interior is better. Best of all was a working holiday on Handa, no Gannets, but both Arctic and Great Skua. I like the Old Red Sandstone.