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2.1" tyres - going obsolete??
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:01:01 pm »
I've got an On-One Pickenflick that I use with both 700c and 650b wheels for road and off-road use (700Cxup to 40mm or 650Bx2.1").  Thing is, I'm finding it harder and harder to find 2.12 tyres for it.  Are these tyres being phased out?  I can't fit anything bigger in, and I can't find anything smaller without going to 40mm or below (at which point I might as well run the 700c wheels.

I can understand that mountain bikes are going for ever wider tyres (2.3"+), but I would think that in these days of gravel and adventure bikes being more popular there would be a market for off road tyres around 2 inches wide.  I'm currently running Schwalbe Racing Ralphs

The usual suspects (Wiggle, Chain Reaction) don't seem to stock them anymore, Evans have a limited choice of Schwalbe (Thunder Burt).  Even SJS, and Charlie the bikemongers ranges are severely limited.

Any advice out there?


Re: 2.1" tyres - going obsolete??
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There are 3 pages at 24 entries per page (although I only looked down the first page and I haven't checked how any are actually in stock).
This is the french  site but I think there is an english site in the same group.