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Seems some people aren't happy though. If our finishing times are considered too quick (mine and the junior's), we will get double-promoted. That means the club doesn't get points. Couple of people are saying I should have entered the next division up.  ::-)

Bah humbug, it was my first damn race!
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GN: I didn't get double-promoted.

M GN: next race is on the 5th, in Div7

BN: course is notorious for getting 'bumpy', as it is multiple laps and wash builds up.

GN: I'm getting faster. I went round the cambridge div8 race course on tuesday and took 1.5 minutes off my race finishing time.
Thursday I did the club 10.5km time trial (4 portages), and took 4 minutes off my previous best time.

I'm now paddling level with, or faster than, people who are in Div5.

BN: Club expectations are for me to win or get 2nd/3rd in at least my next couple of races.

It matters for the club;  the first three places in a race win club points. The 4 highest clubs in each region can send paddlers to the nationals. Not enough aggregate points; you can't enter the nationals, no matter how good some of your individual paddlers might be.
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The race was yesterday.

I was very anxious about the race and didn't sleep much at all on Sat night. Weight of expectation (personal and from clubmates), worry about whether I would cope with the described reflected wash (taking tippier, faster boat) and worries about logistics.
Logistics dictated an early start - no problems there, I hadn't slept - and cycling in to Cambridge. Load up clubmates car with 3 boats+gear, drive to Bedford. He was good at distracting me and calming me a bit.

Expected field, 18-22 paddlers in Div7 (based on previous numbers). Only 8 entered, so small field and not great quality I think. Race plan worked, sprinted clear of the field at the start and steadily pulled away from them for the rest of the race. The described wash chop was every bit as bad as people said and I couldn't settle down to a good rhythm or style. Won by 2min. Caught and passed the entire K2 div8 field and half the Div7 K2 field.

Oddly, even though I won, it wasn't as exciting or satisfying as the Cambridge race where I came second. Felt like I wasn't really challenged (although I was exhausted and felt sick on crossing the finishing line). I think I prefer a race where I have a bit of head-to-head dueling.

[edit] preliminary results; promoted to Div6
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Re: Another day, another race and an unexpected result.
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On Sunday, I raced at Norwich. Been nursing a chest infection for a few weeks, I've been bumped up a division, so I was of two minds whether I should even go.

Div 6 means double the distance and portaging.

Race plan was to try to get into a lead group, hang on to them and then see how I felt after the last portage, with about 4km to go.

The race actually went like this; jumped to the lead at the start. Pulled a group of 3 (4 including me) for 1.5 km, then decided pace was a bit high and eased off. Someone else decided that they liked the pace and went to the front. Tried wash hanging the group, didn't like it, was very messy, so I dropped off a bit and to the side and paddled by myself. Portages went well (bloody long; 100- 150m each one). After the 2nd portage, we were down to 2 people, the others had burnt out.
By halfway, one lung was bubbling a bit and I considered pulling out. However I was running 2nd (would have been happy with a top 5 place), and keeping up. So I carried on.

We caught up with some Div 5 paddlers and formed a group of 4. I wash hung like a dirty leach for 3km.

About 1km to go, I felt like I had a bit of power left, so thought I'd try a sprint for the finish. Stopped wash hanging, got on clean water.

500m to go, put the power down. It felt great, just accelerated, something in me knew nobody was going to catch me. I was 2-3 boat lengths behind at this stage. Flew past them and finished 15s ahead.

First place. Very unexpected.
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Congrats - sounds like you are flying  (and flying up the ranks). The club must be pretty pleased with you - you are earning them loads of points. :)

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fantastic, congratulations!

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The downside of being successful is that it is likely I'll get promoted again; div5 is where it starts getting serious in K1.

The Div5 race on sunday was 4 minutes quicker than Div6. I'll have to overcome chest infection and train hard to get a podium place in Div5.

Oh, and improve my skill so I can paddle a faster kayak.
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You hung onto a bunch of Div 5 people in your last race (before out-sprinting them), even with a chest infection. To me, it sounds like you belong in div5 (for now). When you are healthy you'll be good. :)