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Dia-Compe GC700 centrepull brake
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:06:09 pm »
Strongly recommended if you need a really deep drop brake (53-70mm) as these are much stiffer than sidepulls when the reach becomes extreme.  Each brake comes with bolts and fitting kit for f/r and allen key or nutted, although most bikes that need these will want nutted brakes.

A little tricky to set up as they use the plain post type of pad.  On narrow rims, extend the pads halfway on their studs for good power and hopefully no squeal.  Set new pads LOW on the rim as they move up as they wear.  Very reassuring feel and nice finish.  Work with standard road levers or "canti" MTB levers.

You need a cable hanger and a yoke, just as for cantilevers.
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Re: Dia-Compe GC700 centrepull brake
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Now running one of these as the only brake on my commuting fixie.  Still impressed even though this bike pushes the brake to its reach limit of 70mm.  I changed the pads for Kool-Stop salmons and it will happily stop me in pouring rain or sleet with no judder.  It looks a bit steampunk but that suits older bikes.

Any recent Shimano brake levers work well, because the SLR pull ratio compensates for the CP brake's unfortunate reduction in mechanical advantage as the pads get nearer to the rim (low-profile cantis are the same).
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