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Quella Nero - fixed/single speed steel runaround
« on: August 02, 2018, 12:02:33 am »

I've had the Quella for 2 months now as a runaround while the "Sunday best" can stay in the shed. It usually sells for £350 but I picked up one for £305 in a clearance sale. Long story short:  I'm having a pretty good time with it, I only got it as a utility bike which I wouldn't worry about leaving locked up in town but I have fun with it too, going out on gentle neighbourhood trundles.

Made of solid hi ten steel (which I suspect isn't butted) and weighing in at 11.5 KG it's certainly not a thoroughbred track basher. The default gearing is 44/16, which I think is pretty good for rolling around on the flat and not gut bustingly difficult for short climbs either. Fixed or freewheel, it's the same gearing.

I got the Quella direct from Quella themselves, not a dealer (I think they're now sold in several high street shops like Cycle Republic) who shipped it in a big cardboard box with the bits necessary for assembly. I didn't think they'd done the best job greasing the various bits so pulled them all off, greased them myself, and plugged them back in. The allen key set it comes with is pretty crap so it's worth having a good set of your own (I use this set from Planet X which I think are great

The weakest point of the Quella is reputed to be the tyres, but I've not yet punctured on them. They're 25mm cheapo Kenda ones which I'll replace with Jack Brown mile munchers in due time. Though I do actually know someone who's had a single speed for 15 years which she's recently moved to solid tyres, so she needn't carry any kind of spares and repairs, which admittedly does appeal. Watch this space...

Like any urban single speed/fixie the big appeal is the lack of required maintenance, and I have to say aside from wiping the chain once a week I've not had to do anything to it. Which pleasingly leaves more time to focus on the Sunday Best and watch old GCN videos. Chain tension will require checking but it's still pretty taught after 2 months, and there is plenty of room in the dropouts to move the axle back to re-tension it.

The brakes are budget but effective enough. They can be most effectively operated on the flats but can be reached with the thumbs while on the bullhorns for trimming your speed.
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Re: Quella Nero - fixed/single speed steel runaround
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 09:49:35 am »
I went out for a fixie trundle last night (Sunday best is under maintenance) and thought I'd have a crack at one of my local climbs.

Things got a bit sticky after the switchback and I did have to walk for a few yards, but amazingly I set a new personal record from the foot of the climb to the first bend.

Funny how it works.

The bike coped fine with it after that, just hopped on and huffed and puffed the way up.
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