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Quecha Arpenaz 20° Basic Sleeping Bag - £7, Decathlon
« on: August 08, 2018, 11:53:57 am »

I got one of these sleeping bags ahead of a credit card tour in europe. My spec was that I wanted something suitable for sofa surfing and summer camping which would easily fit in bikepacking bags, and at a £7 pricetag it's very easy on the wallet. It rolls up and easily fits in both my handlebar bag and giant saddlebag without serious huffing and stuffing.

I first used it in anger after riding 200 km laden with crap from Holland to Germany. Getting into my mate's place I collapsed into this bag in a heap. It was just the right thickness for indoor sofa surfing, not too hot but insulating enough to make me feel snug. I used a small towel as a pillow to prevent my mate from needing to do any laundry. Decathlon spec this for temperatures of around 20° which is spot on.

Be warned though - it isn't much good for temps below that. I did some proper outdoors camping in Germany too, and while I got to sleep in it very easily, I woke up at 0430 with chattering teeth despite having borrowed an admittedly thin blanket. So believe the lettering. I did better the next day, by going to bed wearing leggings, merino arm and leg warmers and a jersey + gilet, but it was less than ideal. Probably not helped by my using an army camping cot, which puts a lot of cold air underneath your back.


Since it's just £7 and it rolls up so easily inside the saddlebags, unlike more robust sleeping bags out there which I've had to bungee to my saddlebag, I've bought two! They fit side by side in the bag and my plan is to just put one inside the other. How effective will this be? I'm not really sure, but I'm willing to give it a crack and find out! I've got a microadventure lined up in a few weeks and will test this idea properly (but will also bring my thicker bag just in case the 'double bagging' doesn't work out).
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