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One of those days... an awesome one!!
« on: April 11, 2008, 10:38:21 pm »
Just got back in from having a ball on the bike, and had to write about it.

I was out, just for a little spin to blow away some cobwebs before getting back down to "The Dissertation That Won't Die" (TDTWD), and had an awesome ride!

I climbed a local hill, that was resurfaced about 4months ago and is still perfect, and swooshed down the other side. Dry tarmac, clear sightlines, van driver who stayed a very decent distance behind me all the way down. I was crouched low, leaning deep into the corners, right on that fine line between adrenaline pumping descent and terrifying speed beyond skill.

Sed van driver waited until it was safe to overtake me, giving me full room, thumbs up and a grin as he passed. He held up a hand, flashing four fingers then five, and mouthed "Forty five" as he went.  :thumbsup:

On the loop homewards a huge artic sat behind me for a while, and when I spotted a layby I signalled my intention and moved over to let him passed - got a friendly toot as he went  ;D

Had a tailwind push me along a stealth hill I usually hate.

Got horribly out of breath and crawled up a harsh hill that usually taxes me, but nearly killed me (I haven't done much riding recently due to TDTWD, and have been ill to boot), but saw a deer in the bushes and found a CD, in a broken case, by a band that I like, but don't have this album. Tool: Aneima in case anybodys knows it.

Finally, when I got home my new KMC-X9L chain has arrived  :thumbsup:

I love cycling.  :-*