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On Remembrance.
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I first climbed Great Gable to attend a book launch in September 2007. Great Gable was chosen as it's a mountain that's a war memorial. The books were about mountains and the country diary in wartime, and were based on articles from the Guardian archive. I was recently approached to provide a copy of the video I made of the occasion for the Guardian archive.

That visit inspired us to attend the Fell and Rock Climbing club's remembrance ceremony in 2007. They bought Great Gable and surroundings in 1923 to remember their members who died in WW1, donating it to the National Trust. The club asked for a copy of the video I made of that for their archives.

We said we'd attend the centenary, which we did on Sunday, in poor conditions. I'm fully behind the desire of the club to avoid political overtones, and appreciate the opportunity for personal reflection that offers.