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Electric motor retrofit
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I want to retrofit an e-assist pedelec style motor to my HP Velotechnic 20in plus my wife's ICE 20in trike, both have Rohloffs. I expect lots of people have done this and I'd like to hear which brand they fitted and why. Bafang obviously is the market leader in terms of sales but I'd prefer a toque sensor though I know there's a gear sensor addon for the Bafang. I'm looking at a Sunstar which they've stopped making so it's end of line or the cheaper Tongshen which won't be as well engineered. Anyone know of any other makes at a reasonable price? There's the Pendix but it's very expensive.

What chainring for touring did you put on? Has anyone put on a double which is possible with the Tongshen. Of course a double shouldn't be needed but I'd like to stretch battery life if I can by pedaling as much as possible. I'd also like to hear what average mileage people are getting out of a 15aH battery on a loaded trike. I'm aware of the limitations of batteries on tour.