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Re: Really strong front skewer.
« Reply #25 on: January 15, 2019, 02:43:38 pm »
Here is my patented  bike holder upperer, basically a length of wood, with a wooden block with a whole drilled it in, and an old q/r axle fitted.  I then secure using an old q/r skewer.

Ratchet luggage straps secured around each seat stay, these then get lashed to the tie downs in the boot floor.  Car is a 2013 reg Honda Jazz, bike is a large size 29er mtb, hence needing to take the seat post off to get in the car other wise the saddle almost scrapes the head lining. 

Mark two of my bike holder upperer will be to have a similar block of wood to hold the rear of the bike, with the rear wheel taken off... Bike should then fit in without needing to remove the seat post :-)

Hope this helps.

Hmm - food for thought.

I'd certainly try a couple of ratchet straps / bungee cords around the seat stays / handle bars using your existing bike holder. Can't do any harm to have additional straps to keep the bike stable rather than just relying on the rack to keep it steady. Worth a punt for a few ££? Good luck!