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Re: Brake Pad Screw - Use Or Ornament?
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I expect the main reason for the screws/pins is so that numpties who fit the pad holders with the open end forward don't kill themselves so easily.


There is a risk the pads can be installed backwards by the untrained or inexperienced. Yes I know it clearly says FORWARD on the cartridge but that doesn't stop some people who wonder why bike shops charge them so much for servicing something a simple as a bicycle.

I always fit them (and many other bolts on a bike) with copper slip, I always check the direction but sometimes if I'm trying to get a bike working in a hurry late one evening and mistakes can happen. I've built numerous bikes in the past 20 years without major mishap but I'm not immune to silly little errors.
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Re: Brake Pad Screw - Use Or Ornament?
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For example  I have struggled to fit new  inserts into new holders, (to the extent that I couldn't have easily removed them) only to find that they would practically fall out by themselves six months later. 
This, almost every time. It's never occurred to me until now that the blocks had shrunk, but it makes sense to me.
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Re: Brake Pad Screw - Use Or Ornament?
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I visited an LBS (on the other side of town) yesterday and the younger of the two mechanics was showing me his latest project, a 1980's frame from out of the lightweight unit in Nottingham, with nominally 50mm brake drop. Currently in use as a commuting machine/project, obviously the rear brake (a modern Campag one with 49mm drop) didn't quite reach.  In fact he only had one brake.

 " I hope you don't maintain your customer's bikes like that..." I said. 

He muttered that he planned to hook up the rear brake soon.

"Its not that which really worries me" I said, directing his attention to the front brake.  He looked puzzled.  More pointing, more puzzlement. Eventually I had to explain to him that he'd fitted the brake shoes the wrong way round, i.e. with the open end facing forwards.  The other mechanic hadn't noticed either. 

He'd been riding for about a week with the brake (his only brake) like that. I was amazed the blocks hadn't just spat out; "they were a tight fit going in" I was told....  FWIW they were the recent campag holders without any secondary retention mechanism. No idea what inserts they were.

Reminds me why I don't let other people work on my brakes..... :o :o



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Re: Brake Pad Screw - Use Or Ornament?
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