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Re: "Summer" touring tyres.
« Reply #50 on: September 24, 2019, 08:00:37 am »
Do you need tread, Windy?

I'm still loving my Hypers. 37mm, riding on bad tarmac and riverside paths. Roll well (not just my impression, the bike rolling resistance measurements say so) and very lush feeling. They are a 'slick' though.

Supremes might be a bit better.

Hypers are a bit cheaper I think.

Been using Hypers on my LHT this year with no problems. Currently £5 at Planet X

the link appears to be for standard voyagers, not voyager hypers. Despite what the description says, standard voyagers have a coarser carcass, and considerably more weight and  rolling resistance vs hypers.


Aah yes, the title is clear but the description misleading - thanks Brucey.


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Re: "Summer" touring tyres.
« Reply #51 on: September 24, 2019, 10:23:26 am »
Recent tyres on various bikes that might be relevant

Vittoria Adventure II TNT 38mm on the Genesis Datum. Lots of tread.  Tubeless Big and heavy but grippier and faster than I thought.  After one winters use they are still unworn.  Running them with tubes on the single speed at the moment.  Good for mild off road
Challenge Strada Bianca 33mm or 30mm "Pro" on the Genesis Datum.  No tread.  clincher with tubes.   The 33mm version is slightly slower.  The 30mm is radically fast  Expensive tyres
Marathon Supreme 38mm (on Karate Monkey) 28mm (on Dawes Galaxy).  Light tread.  clincher on Dawes, tubeless on KM.  Faster/ grippier than a touring kind of tyre should be.  The 38mm are ok off road except if it is muddy.  They don't have enough tread to get any grip on mud
Michelin Pro Endurance 28mm on Specialized Roubaix.  No tread. clincher with tubes.  Faster than the Marathon Supremes but not as fast as a full on race tyre.  This was my PBP setup
Marathon Supreme 50mm (on Karate Monkey).  Almost no tread.  tubeless.  feel like riding on balloons but in a good way
Schwalbe S-One 30mm (now called G-One speed).  On the Genesis Datum.  tubeless.  If the Marathon Supremes are some kind of "super" fast, grippy, light touring tyre then these are the tubeless "miracle" version.  They are super light, super fast and grippy.  They are as fast as some race tyres.  Only downside is that they wear out fast.  They resist punctures like a touring tyre but the tread wears fast
Schwalbe Mondial 38mm.  Very heavy tread.  Clinchers.  These are the "around the world" touring tyres.   They are folding tyres but ridiculously heavy.  I've had them a few years and used them on and off.  No sign of any wear.  Not great off road, they are so inflexible the ride is poor.

My favourite out of all these is the Schwalbe G-One speed.
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Re: "Summer" touring tyres.
« Reply #52 on: September 24, 2019, 10:43:23 am »
I used the Vittoria Adventure on my Cross-Check last winter. Sluggish compared to Gravel Kings (fitted for summer) but grippier and will refit for use this winter.