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Brooks - uneven breaking in
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:16:41 am »
I have a new Brooks Swallow on which I have ridden 300 miles. One side of the saddle has formed a depression for a sit bone and is quite pliable; the other is still quite taught and solid.

I have another wallow that broke in evenly, so I don't think it's me that is an odd shape (well not that odd anyway!). I have tried riding with weight on the 'harder' side of the saddle but it is difficult to maintain. I have measured the leather thickness and it is a constant 5mm all the way round the saddle.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to 'break-in' the other side so that it gives a more even support?

Re: Brooks - uneven breaking in
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if the saddle will allow water to soak in, just apply water locally to where you want the depression to form.

 Wet leather stretches very easily; having the saddle wet on one side only could easily have caused what you have seen; so could variable leather quality of course.


Re: Brooks - uneven breaking in
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A pad of damp kitchen roll duct-taped to the appropriate spot on the  underneath surface of the saddle?     :)
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