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Yes, and if you find yourself alongside someone whose incessant chatter is driving you barmy, the remedy is simple, if not always easy to carry out.

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Is it necessary to get some sort of hrm to do this type of training?
As MAF training is at the 'bottom end' of effort level, it wouldn't be difficult just to work on perceived effort. Thus, the old maxim of 'if you can talk in long sentences, you are just about right'. Where a HRM with audible alerts would be more useful is to target intermediate zones (say, sweetspot).
Once you've used a HRM you do get to know what the levels feel like. I was out today for a MAF type ride, with a HRM watch on my 'bars. I found that I could predict my HR within a couple of beats, even as the road went up and down.  Mind you, I have had a bit of practice at pace judgement - Something like 60 years  ::-)

There was a 4 level system I used for coaching in the '80s;
L1: can speak in complete sentences without pausing for breath.
L2: can speak in complete sentences but need pause after each one.
L3: can speak only ~3 words at a time.
L4: had to catch your breath after every word.

Not sure where I got it from  but I think it was fairly standard as HRMs only just became common.
I think that is missing L5

Feeling you are about to die, lungs are burning, vision is going dark and when you stop you can't actually move and possibly vomit.
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