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Nectar Hydro electrolyte tablets
« on: February 13, 2019, 03:40:17 pm »
I've had a tolerate love/ hate relationship with electrolyte tablets in solution, possibly because I find that slightly salty, somewhat citrussy (my normal go to) taste in warm water not very palatable.  I thought I'd try Nectar Hydro tablets (summer fruits) from Decathlon.  I used 1 tablet/1L ("weak"), and found the sweetened taste & flavour, fairly pleasant.  As yet I can't say that I've tried them on a hot day, but signs look promising, for me at least being able to stomach the taste of the fluid.  The tabs contain sucralose (sweetener) & sorbitol (slowly metabolised apparently).  £4.99

Currently £3.75 on Chain-wiggle
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