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schwalbe winter tyres
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No, not Winter Marathons, just plain Winters.
These have 120 studs, rather than the 240 of the Winter Marathons. They are consequently lighter. Construction is also a bit lighter than the latest version of Winter Marathons; no puncture guard protection, just 'K guard'. According to Schwalbe, that is a belt of kevlar.

On dry tarmac they make the usual crisp-packet noise. Roll ok in a straight line, but cornering on dry pavement is interesting; feels like you have flat tyres, grip is poor and variable.
Grip on black is good. I've had no slips.

Grip on sustrans-type compacted earth/limestone paths (I've been riding on the riverside paths round cambridge) is good. There is a fair amount of tread on these tyres and they do grip well on these surfaces.

Excellent value at £20 from Spa Cycles.

I'll be taking them off once the frosts have definitely gone (3/5 days in the last week I have had ice in the mornings on the first 1.5miles of my commute). Measured rolling resistance is 88Watts!
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Re: schwalbe winter tyres
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These are the only ones that come in Brompton sizes. They are great on the Brompton. Noisy tho...

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