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RAB Ascent 700 down sleeping bag
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:33:59 am »

Very pleased with this.  This is a decent bag with hydrophobic down that kept pretty dry even when our tent leaked over the weekend :facepalm:  It wasn't that cold (maybe 9C overnight) but the bag was toasty wearing just my grundiepants.  Mrs Q has tested her bag out at around 3C earlier in the year and declared it too warm when wearing long baselayers.  Mrs Q has the women's version of the bag, which is just a wee bit narrower across the shoulder and a teeny bit lighter.

You get a lot of bag for your money, and it's way too warm for summer camping, but for 3/4 season UK camping this is a great bag for about £200, and a comparably weight and pack size to others in the same price point.  RAB do lighter versions (Ascent 300, 500 etc) and a heavier 900 variant. 

Nice touches - small internal pocket to keep your wallet or small torch in.  Comes with a compression bag and also a large cotton bag for storing it uncompressed.

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Mrs trekker and I bought the same bags in the new year. Haven't had a chance to test them yet. I'm interested you say they came with a compression sack. Ours from Cotswold came in a dry bag - which although useful for other things doesn't compress the bag down enough. I'm having to invest in some new compression sacks which is annoying.
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Re: RAB Ascent 700 down sleeping bag
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Ah, when I say compression sack I mean dry bag that can be used to compress the sleeping bag a reasonable amount - enough to get it into a rucksack for backpacking without squeezing it to oblivion.  I guess you can make it a bit smaller.  What it came with is fine for my purposes but you'd probably want to shrink it more for a winter bikepacking adventure.

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After 4 or 5 nights in this bag at temperatures down to about 5 or 6C I can confirm it's a great piece of kit.
I did roll over in the night and freak myself out staring at the glow in the dark zipper toggle which I didn't know about  ::-)
Importantly, the fabric covering feels pleasant against the body and with the down fill and reasonably spacious dimensions it all shapes up to ensure a very comfortable night is possible. :thumbsup:

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Further review: after 5 nights in the Arctic circle this week with temperatures down to about 2C the bag has been great. It has started to ooze the odd bit of down through the Pertex cover. Mrs Q has the slightly smaller women’s version and has been wearing long base layers inside.  Even down near zero I’ve found my gents bag too warm to wear much more than a short sleeve merino top to keep any breeze off my shoulders.

Probably a bit bulky for cycle touring but is a great winter bag without paying serious money for ultra lightweight.