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Rema tiptop puncture repair kits
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In my most recent tour (which included Paris Roubaix) I had so many flats I had to fix the tubes I'd brought; I actually brought a cheapo halfrauds repair kit with me, but also my Rema kit which I'd used to actually patch a tyre.

I had one particularly huge snakebite flat which the cheap stuff just wouldn't seal up on. An enterprising Belgian guy doing mechanic services at a stop tried to sell me an inner tube for ten euros when I asked for some help. Fortunately I recalled I had the Rema tubeless repair kit with me in the frame bag and used the fluid from that instead, which was terrific, sealed the holes up beautifully with just a few minutes' faff. I'll be taking it with me wherever I go on long rides now.


REMA TIP TOP's Tubeless Bicycle repair kit, seals the puncture, prevents tearing damage and reinforces the tire at the point of injury.

Part No.   Description      Box/Qty
5060160   Tubeless repair kit      5

It's a shame they come with 5 patches only as I reckon the fluid is more than adequate for twice that many.
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Re: Rema tiptop puncture repair kits
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