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I took an alternative and quieter route off the main road for 10km between Garth and Llantwrtyd Wells - worked well.
My clubmate/ride partner and I also took the quiet very pretty and slightly hilliier route from Builth, most of it on Cycle Route 43 via Llangammarch Wells, and tirabad.   The lanes . . .  emerged half way down the decent to Llandovery on the A483 at Cynghordy.  They were stunning lanes, worth the few more meters of climbing.
I took the 10km Garth to Llanwrtyd road last year but the guy I was riding with this year was unwilling to risk leaving the main road. It's about a km shorter but a bit more climb, on minor roads.
I like the look of the road the other side of the Irfon, on through Tirabad and btw, coming off at Garth, that route is a mile shorter than plonking down the A road via Beulah, yet only 15m more climb. On my 2020 'to ride' list.
I thought my (shorter but bit more climb) variation north from Llandovery on the minor road through Siloh/Porthyrhyd was superior in riding enjoyment to the routesheet/gpx route rolling down the A40 (at lunchtime) and then grinding up the long (6km) A482 climb, being passed by countless cars round those corners.

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Wasnt really a question of risk, more than the run in to Llandovery from Garth is pleasant, predominantly downhill, and largely traffic free.

Plus my arse hurt.

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I take the Shiloh option too.
Much more pleasant after a big lunch.
And there's also the Dolauhirion bridge to cross.