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VTTA standards - offline lookup
« on: May 08, 2019, 11:40:24 am »
I've taken over maintaining the Vets result for our club Evening League.

This is currently a very labour-intensive manually maintained spreadsheet, which I have inherited.
I'd like to automate it quite a bit.

Has anyone here done anything similar?

The VTTA standards page lets you download an XLS of the 'standard' distances.

But when I do linear interpolation for non-standard distances, I get results which are different by typically 1 second from the answers I get on the web page, if I look up non-standard distances. This *will* cause complaints. It looks like it's probably how the rounding or truncating is being done for fractions of a second. But formatting my results in Excel to see fractions of a second, I still can't quite get the results I calculate to match the web page. It looks like the web page is truncating rather than rounding, but even allowing for this, there are several example points which are still giving the wrong answer if I were to truncate.

The spreadsheet is further complicated by the fact that the raw results include non-vets who have to be excluded, and different numbers and names of riders from week to week, which makes consolidating the week-by-week results into a final league table a PITA.

Alternatively, is there any off-the-peg software which does this kind of thing?

Re: VTTA standards - offline lookup
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Ask on TT forum.  If there is, someone will know about it and you will get an answer very quickly!