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Fjallraven Abisko shape 2 tent
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:35:21 pm »
I've only used this for one night so far but it's an awesome bit of kit.  At the pricey end of 2-person tents but heaps of space, compact packing and lightweight enough for backpacking (which is what me and Mrs Q have bought it for really).  Plenty of space in the porch for 2 wet rucksacks and pairs of boots and enough space and headroom for a brew without venturing outside.

Yet to try it in the foul conditions but we're off to the arctic circle in a couple of months...  Thumbs up so far though.
I like the reasonably eco-friendly spec and there's a lot of attention to detail like included clothes lines, reflective material in peg loops to help avoid you tripping over them in the dark etc.  Also comes with some spare pole sections and repair kit.


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Re: Fjallraven Abisko shape 2 tent
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Impressively light!
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...

Re: Fjallraven Abisko shape 2 tent
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Yes, £250 and 500g lighter than the equivalent Nallo 2 GT.

Re: Fjallraven Abisko shape 2 tent
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Currently in Sweden enjoying a fifth night here in the tent. It’s brilliant. Mrs Q and I have been backpacking along the Kungsleden trail and part of the Navvy Trail into Norway. The tent packs small and is light enough to carry (if Mrs Q takes the Trangia...) It’s a joy to pitch in just a few minutes and we’ve survived wet nights. Plenty spacious enough and the vestibule area easily takes two 65 litre rucksacks, boots etc. The inbuilt washing line has been very handy. 

Note, because it’s super eco-friendly it isn’t treated with flame retardants so we’ve avoided cooking in the doorway. Plenty of space to sit up.

It’s pretty well ventilated but like all small tents gets a fair bit of condensation inside. Definitely leave all the vents open.

Recommended kit. Pricey but I think reasonable value.


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Re: Fjallraven Abisko shape 2 tent
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This review is dangerous. It gets me thinking about pack size and how, as it's a long time since I persuaded either Mrs Cudzo or No Longer So Little Cudzo to come camping, I'd really be better off with a 1-man tent not a 2-man.
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