Author Topic: Looking for a reliable ISIS bottom bracket  (Read 1076 times)

Looking for a reliable ISIS bottom bracket
« on: April 12, 2008, 01:11:26 pm »
This morning I took the time to find out what the noise out of that direction was all about and was somewhat shocked that I was not easy to turn even with the cranks still on. After the first few twists it definitely ran somewhat lighter, but still, it is shot, I'd be surprised if there would be a smidgen of lubrication left inside, even if the outside is all bright and shiny after a simple wipe (Chin Haur 85).

That is the third ISIS botton bracket dying of a seen-too-much-water-error (the second, really, the LBS sort of rebuilt the first when I could not get a new one in a hurry and it held up quite well after that, so I count it twice, Stronglight Twister, FWIW). Has anybody got a clue whether this in an inherent weakness or is an ISIS bottom bracket known which holds up plenty of liquid sunshine?

Got an ISIS in my MTB, too, that one an FSA Platinum Pro. It has only done about a thousand kilometres and runs light. Still, I have heard creaking noises that might come out of there, so I am reluctant to try one like that (in correct specs) in the audax bike.