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Small victories
« Reply #75 on: October 10, 2020, 10:28:37 am »

Now I'm wondering if I'm the only one round these parts still using LaTeX for writing stuff. Much nicer quality output than anything made with Word et al.

Anyone else a fan of LaTeX  ?

Work mostly do things in google drive or markdown, so not as an everyday thing.
I’d reach for LaTeX again for anything substantial, and I think my CV is still in it.

Re: Small victories
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I've used LaTeX for some things in the past, but for much of my current writing it has drawbacks: Getting it to play nicely with Windows (and thus my library of better fonts than Computer Modern) is bit of a pain; last I checked there still wasn't a decent reference package for the humanities that allowed for the use of primary sources (at least without much pain); and, most importantly, the workflow for almost all of my pro clients is writing and editing in Word (using Word's change tracking and commenting tools) - it then gets passed to designers, who presumably use InDesign or some other proper layout and typesetting tool. I might investigate and see if anything's changed.