Author Topic: Photos of a week in the peak district with jhonathan notp pottering  (Read 390 times)
We rode along the monsal trail, winnets pass, high peak trail, carsingdon water and part of the Tissington trail, derwent water valley and finally the manifold trail. It was a bit damp on the way back from Middleton Top and we had showers from time to time over the week but we had some good riding  :)
the slower you go the more you see


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You did Winnats Pass on the Toureasy?  Chapeau!
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...

Very evocative, Chris!  I especially liked the lime kiln but it was all memory lanes!


I climbed winnets pass on the sun ez3, which was easier than I expected. Coming down was quite interesting
Though  :o :).
The lime kiln reminded me of a si fi planetary base  ;)
the slower you go the more you see