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And lots of it!

I have been advised by my Doctor that I need to drink more water. Indeed, I have been told I must drink at least 4ltrs per day as I tend towards dehydration. May I check if that's even humanly possible? It seems an incredible amount of liquid.

And I should have asked but does that include tea and/or squash such as Robinsons etc. If it doesn't, then I really can't see how its possible.

Your thoughts gratefully received.
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Re: Water.....
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Well that's 7 pints so its possible. Squash would be fine but watch out for the sugar. Tea is not as big a diuretic as people often think so will hydrate as well but probably not as much as water or squash. Dont know about coffee.
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that.


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Re: Water.....
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I remember quite a long time ago a pal of mine had a kidney infection or some such. The doctor told him he had to drink 8 pints of fluid per day, which is pretty much 4 litres I believe. My pal's tentative response was "Can it be beer?"
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I used to struggle to drink that much (unless it was made from fermented grape).
I found one way to get around it was to buy myself an attractive 1ltr carafe , fill it with water and have it on my desk at work.
I find that I'll refill it 2 or 3 times in the course of a day - it wouldn't be a big ask to make that 4 refills.

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A sizable portion of my working shift is dealing with blocked catheters, mainly because people haven't drunk enough.
We get a noticeable number of call outs in hot weather.

I would agree 4 litres a day, especially in the current hot weather.

I would count any fluids in that; water, squash, tea, coffee. Although Tea, coffee & cola have a diuretic effect there is still a net gain in fluid intake so they're all good.

I'd also be happy for beer/cider to be included provided it's not otherwise contra-indicated and is in moderation. Again it's all fluid intake and keeping you hydrated.

It is possible to overhydrate and get electrolyte imbalance. It can be equally as dangerous as dehydration, so just something to be aware of, especially if you're doing endurance cycling or other activities in hot weather.

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Thanks. I haven't really tried today so guess I have only have three or four cups of tea and a can of pop. I am going to have to try harder.  :facepalm:
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I use a YACF bidon at work, ~750ml, and will refill it two or three times a day. Add that to a couple of mugs of hot chocolate and some juice at breakfast and diner and I am probably in the 2.5-3l/day range. When it is hot it is easy to refill the drinks bottle an extra time or two.

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Apart from people who may need a forced diuresis to keep their catheter unblocked, the concept of how much fluid you need to drink is pure hocus pocus.  If you want to be brainwashed by the predecessors to Facebook then go ahead.

basically if you are thirsty, drink.  If you are not thirsty, there is no need to drink.

Concentrated urine is not an indication of dehydration, it is an indication of normally functioning kidneys.


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Re: Water.....
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Does that 4l per day actually need to be drunk? I mean, you absorb a lot of water from food too. But also, what chrisbainbridge said.
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Re: Water.....
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essexian has been advised a water throughput to 'flush out' the uric acid that is causing his gout.

IMHO water in food counts.

For myself, I'd find drinking 4 litres/day almost impossible to sustain for more than a couple of days. I know I'm immobile and living indoors but I seem to be pissing like a trooper on two 600ml mugs of coffee and eating fairly 'wet' food every day. I'm obviously smaller and lighter than he is.

I suppose 200ml/hour when awake is achievable and unlikely to cause water intoxication.


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Re: Water.....
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in my pre-diagnosis state, I was certainly drinking far more than 4l a day which is one of the classic type 1 diabetes symptoms. I was emptying pint glasses in a single gulp and chasing that with another.  so its certainly possible, though you may need to be more aware of the nearest toilet
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Re: Water.....
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Chap I knew was drinking about that much high-octane Coke before his diabetes diagnosis.  He was a track inspector for the NSW railways and only went to the doc after he passed out on the job in the back of beyond, all on his own.  Got home a bit sunburnt.
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Re: Water.....
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It amazes me how little some people drink. I've always been one who drinks a lot (non alcoholic!). When in an office I tend to drink about 330ml every 45 minutes. Largely as I have a screen break, get a mug of drink, and start again.

The drink when thirsty thing isn't always the best advice, sure neuro typical people may be we to function that way, but I have a friend who is really bad at remembering to drink will often complain they aren't feeling great. "When did you last have anything to drink?" "Um" glass of water later, and they are feeling a lot better.

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