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Chain Size
« on: August 16, 2019, 12:59:25 pm »
Is there any difference between a chain specified for 5,6,7 speed and one for 6,7,8 speed ? 

I have some 5,6,7 for my 7 Speed bike and wondered if they would work just as well on an 8 Speed,  or does the 8 Speed just need to be that bit narrower.

Is the any specific chain measurements that are pertinent to 8 Speed?

Re: Chain Size
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for some reason 8s chains either come 7.1mm wide or 7.3mm wide. This certainly matters when buying quicklinks, but otherwise perhaps not.  Shimano IG did require a specific chain but other 8s setups are less fussy.  Any 8s chain will work on standard spaced (5.5mm sprocket pitch) 5s and 6s setups.

  However these setups are really designed to work with a nominal 3/32" chain.  They also sometimes work with certain bushingless 1/8" chains.  Originally all 5/6s sprockets were 2.0mm thickness but some are slightly thinner than that now.

compact ('ultra')  6s, all 7s and some 8s (eg campag) have a 5.0mm sprocket pitch and need a 7.3mm chain (or narrower).  Shimano 8s is 4.8mm pitch but it also uses slightly thinner sprockets.