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Re: SSDs are overrated
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Disk / Tape Formats are the best form of encryption ever.

After a few years, they are rendered totally un-encryptable on account of no-one having a working drive that can read them, or any driver support in any current OS.

Let me share with you some photos I took in a customer office recently...
Yes, in that final photo, the 9-track tapes are being cooked in an oven to dry them out!

20190424_085413 by Ron Lowe, on Flickr

20190424_085354 by Ron Lowe, on Flickr

20190424_085342 by Ron Lowe, on Flickr

20190424_085337 by Ron Lowe, on Flickr

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Re: SSDs are overrated
« Reply #26 on: October 11, 2019, 10:36:40 pm »
Are they still trying to use that stuff? ???
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Re: SSDs are overrated
« Reply #27 on: October 12, 2019, 12:48:42 am »
In 1999 the Greek subsidiary of my employer was introducing a new billing system, & scrapping the hardware the old system ran on. Wanted to get it done before the end of the year. ;) To comply with Greek law it had to keep certain data (e.g. who'd telephoned who, when, & where they were) for several years, in case the police needed it. The archived data was kept on big tapes like those previously referred to, & the tape drives could not be used with the new hardware. So I had to go to Athens, check the formats, write some routines to read everything off the tapes & write it to media & in a format that could be read on the new hardware by the new software, & hang around a while to make sure it was all working.

Some of it was naturally encrypted by Feanor's mechanism, the old billing system having archived extra data over the years, so anyone trying to read the older archives would have found them a bit scrambled. The documentation of the exact details & time of each format change was not good, so I had Greeks running around changing tapes while I ran checks on the data before I could write my (very simple) routines. It looked as if the old data had never been used. Obviously, organised crime/terrorism/etc. investigations weren't a big thing. Luckily, the tapes were physically well kept & thoroughly indexed: the operators were well organised. IIRC I got one of my Greek colleagues to pass on my thanks.

I encountered a similar problem some years earlier, extracting pensions data from the systems of Oxfordshire councils. Someone at my then employer had to do this once a year, & each time a lot of it had to be re-written because of hardware & software changes. There was always a bit of discussion about in what format & on what hardware they could provide data. I recall having to read the data from one council as a stream of bytes (luckily, not bits). The file & record start/end markers in its system (running on Raytheon hardware IIRC) weren't recognised by anything we, or the pension fund, had, so I had to replace them.
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