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Shimano M535 pedals with seals dead - what next,
« on: September 08, 2019, 05:22:17 pm »
 I have a very old set of M535 pedals that still turn reasonably well. When transferring them to a different set of cranks before the Auvergne trip I managed to take one seal out with the spanner and further inspection showed the other seal in final decay. Googling has not shown any parts sources and the pedals can be found on e-bay for 5€. So what to do? My options would appear to be:
1) Bin
2) Strip for spares
3) find someone who would like a free pair of SPD pedals for a hometrainer (I can't take this option as I don't have a permanent hometrainer set-up but given a bit of lube and indoor usage I think they would go for a while)
4) Find some seals out of something else that would repair them and keep them going for a bit longer (20 years or so should see me out!).

If 2 then would the clamps be the same as on my M520's? If not then not a good option!

I don't like dumping stuff so if anyone has an idea or a use let me know, they're free (I might even pay the postage!)

Re: Shimano M535 pedals with seals dead - what next,
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You can try O-rings around the axle.

Do these need the £40 (at least) adjusting tool?  If so, bin them and buy some M520 or M540 pedals.
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Re: Shimano M535 pedals with seals dead - what next,
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this is PD-M324 with two O rings in place of each original seal. Fitted in seconds, costs pennies, works jolly well.

[edit; the O rings I used were 12.7mm ID, 17.5mm OD, ~2.4mm cross section, i.e. 1/2" bore, 3/32" section]

 The same scheme works on PD-M535, PD-M505, etc.

If you need the tool TL-PD33 this can usually be found for about £30 (sometimes a lot less than this) if you shop around. For example by spending fifteen seconds searching I found it for £32-something on amazon with free delivery. I doubt that it is the cheapest price you can get it for.

BTW PD-M535 is not a good spare part donor for PD-M520; I don't think they share any parts.

PD-M535 EV techdoc

If you don't fancy O rings the genuine seal is the same part as fits PD-M324, PD-M323, PD-M505, PD-M730 etc and is available here

BTW the part is not correct for PD-M515, despite what it says in the link above.

**Brucey top tip**    when searching  for a nine-digit shimano part number, it often pays to try different things like

a) punctuate it differently (e.g. with/without gaps, spaces, dashes etc) and/or
b) delete the first and last digits so that you search for a seven digit number instead

on the latter point shimano 416-1200 is equivalent to shimano Y-416-12000.


Re: Shimano M535 pedals with seals dead - what next,
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They don't need adjusting, just having a bit of grease forced in. I'll go for the 'O' rings, I might even have the right ones in a miscellaneous box in the garage. If they get to the stage of needing adjusting I'll bin them and buy another pair of M520s.

Thanks a lot for that advice, I might get a few more years out of them.