Author Topic: Wanted: Pashley PDQ winter build - frame only  (Read 779 times)

Wanted: Pashley PDQ winter build - frame only
« on: 22 September, 2019, 08:03:25 pm »
Evening All.

I've been lurking here for a while and am finally taking the plunge, wanting to get back into bent riding. I had a Stein Road Shark about 10 years ago which I regret selling, but now fancy a bike as it would be more suited to my commuting route.

At the risk of making them around like a thing (I've seen stormbird's post!) I've been eyeing up PDQs for a while, but have a very specific build idea in mind so I'm looking for a frame and boom only, or frame, boom and forks. On top of this, I simply can't afford a £500 hit in one go that Kevin is asking for the one on eBay and a build is a more gradual expense!

I live just outside Stratford and, on the biggest off chances known to man, rang the factory to see if there was anything left at the back of their stores. No luck though.

Can anyone help?


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Rebuilding a PDQ frame to restart my recumbent collection!