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Laser eye surgery
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Hi folks,

I had LASIK laser eye surgery 3 years ago and I've found it utterly brilliant.  Mrs Legs thought she'd get in on the act, went for a consultation and got as far as going to the clinic last Friday to be told that, because of the thickness of her corneas, she's not a suitable candidate for LASIK, and would need LASEK surgery instead.  Needless to say, she decided to sleep on it - not least so that she could find out more about the potential risks of the procedure.  I'm led to believe that the recovery time, and the time to regain full, unhazy vision, is longer for LASEK than LASIK.  She'd not be able to drive for days afterwards, whereas I drove the morning after my surgery.  Does anyone have any personal experience of LASEK surgery? - I'm quite happy to hear all the anecdotes.


 -  Tim