Author Topic: Engineer tears apart Cervelo quality control esp. BB shell tolerances (video)  (Read 2478 times)

I’m not sure what it is about some experts in their field, often with academic backgrounds, that communication skills are sadly lacking.  I see similar behaviour from one of the top end coaching experts on another forum.

I’ve only worked with one similarly qualified cycling expert and he’s a proper gent.


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his latest video shows flawed design of sram's gxp system (which is now dropped). i remember when i first got gxp crankset and figured out how it works i had an "eh?!.." moment. i still have two of them (one came with a bike and still works ok, another is a quarq dzero power meter - also works ok), but both use threaded type bsa bottom brackets, so at least they don't creak. the third gxp crank i had died in a peculiar way - the spindle separated from the spider..

i've come across some shoddy design and "engineering" from other manufacturers too, it appears that cycling industry is lagging 20-30 years behind motoring in terms of innovation and quality. we are only cyclists, serves us right.