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Re: Santa Special 200 on 22nd Dec 2019
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Light drizzle to around lunchtime, wind from the west.  Fairly mild temps.

Good run to Wicken Market where I stopped for 45 mins for beans and toast , a milkshake and obvious too much talking.  One water bottle felt out of its cage and promptly got run over twice before I could get to it. Recovered bottle and it was reasonable intact, but lid nowhere to be seen, and contents lost to the road. So down to one bottle rest of ride.

Legs faded around 75km in, and didn't pick up till closing in on Sudbury.  Lack of miles through Autumn , and concentrated on road bike this year, so I'm needing to adapt the legs back to the recumbent position again. 

Was enjoying the B road after Laveham so much I forgot to turn off it, so retraced and took the turn by the Church. Crashed through a couple of pot holes in the lanes but stayed upright. Glad I don't have low spoke wheels.  Looking at map, could have stuck to the B road and would probably have been faster.

Legs got a second wind after Sudbury and had a good run. However should have been eating more as bonked about 1/2 mile from the finish. Emergency gobbling of .maltesers saw me that last half mile.

Saw and chatted with a few familiar faces on the way round.

Overall happy with how it went for my first ride of 200km or more in almost half a year, and on a new recumbent. The legs will adapt and regain strength and endurance as I get the miles in. Need to eat more, it's amazing what you forget after a break. Work to be done but nothing I'm too worried about.


Re: Santa Special 200 on 22nd Dec 2019
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A mother/ daughter tandem pair with the daughter at school. 22,000 miles ridden by AUKs in a year but no brevets at all does look somewhat odd. I’m not sure if any AUK ever rode with them.

I did a couple of times. They both rode for VC Lincoln when I lived there. As for the claimed mileages, I’m not so sure.