Author Topic: New Event - Severn Bridge Series - No Time to Yat 100k - Sunday 15th March 2020  (Read 286 times)

A quick spin into Wales sends you over the Old Severn Bridge, past Tintern Abbey,  along the Wye Valley using the off-road cycle path from Monmouth to Symonds Yat.

A short climb takes you to Goodrich Castle Visitor Centre for refreshments.

Two rewarding climbs through the Forest of Dean as you head back towards Chepstow.

Finally, over the Severn Bridge and after a short climb, you are home.

This route has an option - Get an extra dose of the Wye Valley River up close by following the flat Woodland Cycle Path from Whitebrook to Redbrook or stick to the road.

Includes a free finishers Severn Bridge Series Patch.

Free parking & refreshments (start and end)

Full details here  -

Season 1 - 211 AAA Points, 120 Club points,  PBP 72h, ISR, Welsh SR, Easter Arrow, Hyper Rand, AAA Champion, ACB Team and CTC champions