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Windcheetah help please...
« on: December 09, 2019, 10:27:35 pm »
Just acquired a Windcheetah which the previous owner sprayed gloss black (including transmission, chain, cables etc) and hence needs some TLC.  Does anyone have any form of user manual or instruction book please - or advice on how to take the wheels off..!


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Re: Windcheetah help please...
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Wobbly John is your man for the windcheetah, will probably be along in a minute or so, or you could PM him
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Re: Windcheetah help please...
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If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is...

Re: Windcheetah help please...
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Taking the front wheels off needs a 13mm spanner, they are held on with standard Nyloc nuts.

The rear wheel I think depends on which version you have. The older Clubsport (I have one hidden in the depths of the shed since the roads got a bit too busy for me to feel safe on it) uses a hex head bolt which fastens into the end of the axle with a big washer in there too. The recommendation was to use blue Loctite when fitting this bolt so it needed some effort to undo. I can't remember what size it was, 6mm head maybe. Even with the hex bolt out a little wriggle was required to overcome the striction to free the wheel from the axle (the wheel and axle rotate together not like a standard bike wheel).

I have some manuals saved somewhere...... Although would have to go hunting for them.

Bringing back memories this is.....