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U-turn - LFC will now just pay the furloughed staff from club funds:

Lots of fans, local and national press, local authorities and others applied pressure. Should have consulted with them (not the press) before announcing stuff.


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Or could have simply Done The Right Thing.
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Or could have simply Done The Right Thing.
That's an interesting statement. Many football clubs will be using this scheme, and it will be a lifeline for many smaller clubs that will stop them going under. At least 4 other premier league clubs have used the scheme (including the one who made the biggest profit last year).

I understand why people hold football clubs to higher standards than other businesses. They are supposed to be part of the community etc. The bit that confuses me is why do we hold some clubs to a higher standard than others? Norwich, Spurs, Bournemouth and Newcastle have had put the staff on this scheme, to almost no noise at all.  And at least one of them (Spurs) is not topping up the wages - they are just paying furloughed staff 80% of their normal salary. No-one expects Newcastle to do anything other than try to save pennies (Mike Ashley), but the other 3 are supposedly bastions of well run clubs with sound owners.


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The reason we hold football clubs to higher standards is because of our emotional connection to them. It was mostly Liverpool fans who were clamouring for this decision to be overturned.

John Henry, the owner, is widely perceived as one of the good guys (relatively, for a hedge-fund billionaire). Peter Moore, the chief exec, is a boyhood Liverpool fan, 'one of us'. So Liverpool fans felt betrayed by this action that they felt didn't represent their values. Newcastle fans don't quite have the same relationship with their owner.

The initial decision won't have been taken lightly, and probably was made with expectation of some backlash (given the public reaction to Spurs and Newcastle doing the same). But maybe they didn't anticipate the level of the backlash.

I have mixed feelings about it. Even though Liverpool are one of the world's richest clubs, this situation will be hitting them hard financially, and there will be lasting effects on the business side of things. So I didn't feel quite so strongly as some people about their decision to use the furlough scheme. We also don't know what other measures have been taken - I'm assuming that like many other companies, the board have taken significant pay cuts themselves, they just haven't publicised the fact (and nor should they - they can afford to take the hit so it's nothing to congratulate them for).

But I am glad that they have backtracked and done what is perceived to be the decent thing, and been big enough to make an unequivocal apology for it.

In the long term, I'm hoping this terrible situation forces the whole football industry to recalibrate its values. But I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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John Henry, the owner, is widely perceived as one of the good guys

Yeah,despite also being the owner of the Red Sox (Eurgh), he is actually doing the right thing there: