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Shimano MW701 Boots (Gore-tex, SPD)
« on: December 28, 2019, 05:52:40 pm »
Shimano MW7 (MW701) Gore-Tex SPD Shoes

I got a pair of these from Wiggle at the start of the month and having worn them for many commutes and runs, can now give an early review.

My other shoes are shimano, 46 and are comfortable, so I ignored the wiggle advice to go up a size. Even so, these are slightly too big.  If I'd have bought in a shop I think I'd have gone for a smaller size.  At least I've got room for thick socks, not that I need them as these are plenty warm enough.  The ankle cuffs are not waterproof and more seeps down your socks than I thought. By far,  most of your foot stays nice and dry, but even so I was surprised and slightly miffed at this.
Walkability is very good. Cleat is well recessed. Sole is good to walk in, but it is pretty stiff. I think for me it feels exagerated because they are prob bigger than I need.  Protection against the leaf and mud filth on the canal is very good.

Good, but not perfect. (and I see they've gone up in price too since I got mine)

Phil W

Re: Shimano MW701 Boots (Gore-tex, SPD)
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Get some dry suit wrist seals for a waterproof fit where you foot goes in.


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Re: Shimano MW701 Boots (Gore-tex, SPD)
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I have the previous MW7s (speed lacing rather than a Boa dial the only difference). As with the MW80s I had before (those lasted me seven and a half years…) I went a size up on the 'normal' cycling shoe size, buying 45s, and that was perfect for me, with or without Sealskinz socks on. And, as with the MW80s, the neoprene cuff is the weak spot. I don't think there's a winter boot of any brand that doesn't have one, though. The cuff gets saturated, then your feet get wet. And once the shoes are wet inside, they take an age to dry. Now have boot dryers (Drysure) but haven't had the opportunity to test them out yet. With Sealskinz or equivalent, your feet will at least stay dry even if your shoes don't. I only have a couple of pairs of cycling shoes, the others being summer-weight Sidis, so  these are my go-to all year round. Can spend all day and night in them without discomfort.