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Dave can you not use your recumbent on the turbo?  Then you can forget all this talk of saddles and breaking them in on the turbo.

It's got to be broken in at some point Phil, as I don't just ride lying down. But yes I can put the recumbent on the turbo if I change the wheel.

Indeed but personally I think the breaking in would be better done on the road. As above you’ll move around more on the road so you may bypass the uncomfortable bit to the I can tolerate this stage, to this is okayish.
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Re: brooks break in
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Moved the saddle sligtly forward, and as per LateStarter's suggestion/my observation, smoothed the edge round the cutout with an emeryboard just to remove the harsh angle.  A static sit on it suggests that it will be better and confirms my thought that it was the edge of the cutout that caused the issue.
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