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Lezyne Mini Drive 400XL/KTV Pro Light Set
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:58:53 pm » can't remember what I paid for them but going off of this it was... £45

Got these in May the night before I went to Belgium - I bought them from my favourite bike shop. To be honest I am going to have a word about them with them because I think they're shit. Charging them up is a pain because you have to directly plug them into a USB port instead of using a standard microusb cable. Whenever I pull up next to someone with one of these lights on, at least a quarter of them have the rubber cap seal thing missing. The rubber strap for the rear light likes to go missing too.

The front unit has performed OK. But the rear has been really, really poor. I find that I have to recharge it every other day if not more often when all I'm using it for is a 90 minute commute in the day. I am kicking myself that I probably paid £45 for these. Ridiculous.

It seems that these are no longer on sale. Maybe they've fed improvements into the new models but they've lost my trust for good that's for sure. My money would have been better spent on , which I've used alongside the lezyne one and is by far my preferred light.

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