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Golden Age Cycles, Banbury
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An interesting experience here.  Bought a Holdsworth frame from him two years ago and it was as described.  In September, bought a "Hobbs Blue Riband" with "original paint" in order to do up as a project.  It wasn't especially cheap at £155 but the paint looked good.

It turned up two weeks later, very badly packaged.  The assistant in Sainsbury's even asked if it was ok, since the forks were poking out of the box.  Got it home, took the headset off and put it on the scales.  Bare frame (no forks) pushing 6lb, so made of gaspipe (a 531DB frame in this size is 4.5lb or a bit less, a 531 p/g frame is only just over 5lb!).  No frame number on dropout and frame number on BB suggests it's actually a low end Claud Butler.  Thick lacquer, obviously repainted (not too badly apart from the ripply lacquer, but somewhat scuffed in transit).

I start a return.  Seller is apologetic at first then sends snide follow-up e-mail asking why I didn't make more enquiries, since he doesn't always know what he's selling (he sells vintage bikes for a living).  I tell him the box is too large for Hermes and they usually check sizes and weights at the Swindon end.  He says no, send it back in the same box. 

I return it.  I get a refund of the price and postage by PayPal eCheque, presumably just to slow it down.  Then I am surcharged over £10 by Hermes for the oversize box.  I tell him I want this refunded too.  He still hasn't done this, a month later.  I may raise a case with PayPal, although there doesn't seem to be an option for subsequent expenses after a refund.

The frame is back on eBay with a misleading description.

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Re: Golden Age Cycles, Banbury
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They advertise a lot in the CTCWeRCyclingUK Cycle magazine and they're obviously trading a lot on nostalgia. "Showroom open by appointment" always catches my eye.

Anyway, what were you doing with it in Sainsbury's?
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Re: Golden Age Cycles, Banbury
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I often have large parcels delivered there, since I can pick them up with the weekly groceries.
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Re: Golden Age Cycles, Banbury
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I have been there, & met him a couple of times.  Seemed genuine enough, if a little disorganised.  His 'shop' is crammed full of frames*, some very interesting indeed.

* When he arrived (we were waiting for him) he had to move some to the grass outside so as to be able to get inside.

Re: Golden Age Cycles, Banbury
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I think it's best to see what you're buying, although business sellers on eBay have to accept returns.  I've only ever had one other dodgy vintage frame, which was a Kona "Kilauea" that turned out to be a resprayed and restickered Hahanna.  It weighed a ton.  The seller in that case was really good about it and found me a real Kilauea.
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