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i like and use hydraulic brakes on one of the bikes, they work fine and don't require attention. as for "adventure" cycling, i'm not yet convinced they are the most suitable option (for me).

Coincidentally, I am the opposite. I have one bike with hydraulic brakes, and that is my adventure bike. My experience with cable discs on hilly off-road rides was that it would become very tiring on the hands towards the end of a day, and the prospect of multi-day races was not one that I wanted to contemplate with the Spyres. I have found the hydraulic brakes work much better for such terrain, and aren't tiring.

On the road, the Spyres have been fine. Stopping power is more than sufficient for even the most hilly or rides, and I have not suffered the same fatigue as I would get off-road. If I were to choose a new setup for a road-oriented bike, it would be a close call. I would just be careful to service the hydraulic brakes before any particularly big event, or series of events.

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Yep hydraulics are pretty reliable and I've yet to have any fail in 17 years of use.  Sure there's edge cases out there but there's edge cases like your frame failing.  Some on here seem to have a magnified sense of the likelyhood of them failing.
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Things I've learnt from three years of using shimano hydraulic brakes (RS505 levers,  BR-RS785 brake calipers)

The hydraulic fluid port screw is really easy to lose,  I have bought spares as there's never a good time to lose one of those screws.
It pays to remove the brake calipers and give them a clean from time to time,  dust and grit can sit around the pistons, cleaning these will help ensure they perform better when in service.
The first time I bled the brakes I managed to leak fluid everywhere,  I now keep paper towels handy in case.
I wipe the discs with a dry paper towel to remove contamination from time to time, this improves braking and reduces noise and also it's a good opportunity to check the disc for wear and damage.