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Crewe and Nantwich Audax
« on: February 06, 2020, 01:50:10 pm »
Having ridden audax for over ten years I thought it was time I gave something back to this wonderful community.

Last year, with Dave Matthews as my mentor, I successfully organised the inaugural CCW Ruthin 200 (with the support of my club, Crewe Clarion Wheelers). This year it is running again with a shorter companion event. There is also a brand new 200km (Descent of the Stiperstones) which I'm convinced has the makings of an absolute classic, also with a shorter companion ride and future hopes for a 300km extended version. I have also took over organising the fantastic "Momma" rides from Dave Matthews in the September. I have created a web page here should you wish any further information -

The routes are pretty much sorted but I still need to do some detail work before publishing routesheets and gps files etc which will be completed well in advance of the events, they are now all listed on the AUK calendar - Cycle Frienldy B&B in Nantwich, Chehsire


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You did well to design a 200 route with no info controls...  :thumbsup:

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I like infos in a quaint kind of way, like postal entries and route sheets, all part of the charm. However I think that there is a growing number of members who are less than enamoured with them for a variety of reasons. I ride with some fellow club members who just want a good hard ride and aren't interested in validation but still pay to ride the event (as long as it's paypal of course).

It is a lot harder than it initially appears to get a route to meet the criteria without being excessively over distance. I could have had an info control on one event last year but decided a couple of controllers with cake, bananas and water would be a welcome addition for the riders and all appeared to approve especially as it was a hot day and bidons were getting low.

I think that you don't really want manned controls after the halfway point (as the controls are open for longer and longer requiring a greater commitment from the volunteers who are already giving up their time etc), I think people understand the need for infos but want easy questions (how far on a road sign rather than how many bricks in the wall opposite..) - Cycle Frienldy B&B in Nantwich, Chehsire


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The question can be less than obvious, but the location needs to be obvious... the pub, the crossroad, the top of the climb...