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And also because I have more interesting questions to ask the colleague that's properly into this *nix and Docker stuff that about altering it so everything I do is sudo which of course is what everyone else has done...

sudo su

or in the increasingly unlikely event that your system has a root password and you know what it is:


Both should give you a root shell.

Obvious disclaimer:  Going around doing mundane stuff with admin privileges when you don't actually need them is a recipe for accidental deletion disasters, being tricked by malware, creating files you need root privileges to access and so on.  But it's SOP on, say, Windows, and those systems hardly ever halt and catch fire.  Security-by-Simon-Says is great up till the point where you start sudoing things without thinking, so you might as well save a bit of typing (particularly of passwords into the wrong window).

Not the box op, they sit in another room, actually based on the fact the guy sitting in another room keeps saying he's firing off a support call to some company, I suspect he doesn't have root access either...

Every single bloody instruction to docker seems to need Sudo'ed though.

This should help you with that


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Re: Random musings on IT
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ta, have transferred that to my work in box using the normal method.
I suspect creating groups will need a helpdesk call... or am I too skpetical from the day when everything was locked down to the point only office and notepad was usable?